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Learn how to make amazing cannabutter/ oils and other cannabis infused recipes, or learn how to roll joints/ blunts and other crucial cannabis information in our popular Cannabasics series. You can check out Blazin’ Gear Reviews for current and thoughtful reviews of your favorite marijuana brands and cannabis products.

Ruffhouse Studios has created a wide range of cannabis-related videos, including product reviews, tutorials on how to use cannabis-related equipment, cooking with cannabis, and educational content about the various strains of cannabis and their effects.

Ruffhouse Studios’ cannabis-related content is designed to be informative and entertaining, while also catering to the growing demand for high-quality cannabis-related content. The channel has amassed a significant following of cannabis enthusiasts and has become a trusted source for information and advice in the cannabis community.

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RuffHouse Studios strives daily to raise the bar and positively influence the stereotypes of our Cannabis Culture!

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