Box Mod Review: SteamCloud A-40 (510 thread variable wattage vaporizer)

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SteamCloud Box Mod Vaporizer review using 510 thread tank & coil atomizer

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Box mods are the pinnacle of vaping technology. They combine functionality with versatility by offering set of features that allow users to adjust wattages and temperatures, as well as use a large variety of attachments. The SteamCloud mod embodies all of these features into a small, sleek box. It is one of the smallest box mods I have seen yet it does not sacrifice any of the functionality found in larger sized mods.
The SteamCloud fits any 510 threaded attachments, so the list of atomizers or wax burners you can attach to it is nearly endless. The wattages you can control vary from one watts all the way up to forty, so you can use the SteamCloud with small atomizers or the beefier sub-ohm atomizers. One of my favorite aspects of the mod is how it is small and easy to transport. It is easy to stow it away in your pocket or bag when on the go, and won’t bulge out like a bulkier box mod would.
When the first box mods started to hit the vaping market, there were the large devices that inevitably led to people turning their heads to take a second look at what we were holding. While they worked wonders for pulling giant clouds, they were far from discreet. This turned a lot of people away from these mods, people who did not want to stand out in the crowd as that guy who lugged around a box that hardly fit in his pocket.
The SteamCloud addresses this issue wonderfully with a sleek little box mod that won’t even be visible in most people’s hands. Another great aspect is the battery life. Box mods are known for having long lasting battery lives as the battery is the majority of what is inside the box. One of the main reasons people switch to box mods is because they want to vape all day without the hassle of charging their battery every few hours.
While you may think a mod as small as the SteamCloud probably won’t have the longest battery life, you would be surprised. I found it held its charge throughout the day. It comes equipped with an easily removable 1300mAH battery that should last the average person a whole day on a full charge. The battery itself is concealed behind a magnetic cover that is easy to remove. This makes swapping the battery out a piece of cake if you have an extra on hand.

What’s in the Box
The SteamCloud Box Mod Vaporizer review would not be complete without going over the contents with the kit. Instead of coming inside a box, the SteamCloud arrived in a black, protective travel case, which is a nice touch that adds to the convenience and portability of the mod. Inside the case was the SteamCloud box mod, a small instructions pamphlet, and a micro USB charging cable. The cable was a tad short, but it is a micro USB cord, and I had a few longer ones laying around.

SteamCloud Specs
The SteamCloud box mod itself is small and very lightweight. It has three buttons, one to power it on or off as well as fire your atomizer, and two smaller buttons to adjust the watts and temperatures. It also has a bright OLED screen that displays the battery life and the watts or temperature. The charging port is on the same side as the two smaller adjustment buttons. On the other side there is the magnetic battery cover that blends into the rest of the unit.
The SteamCloud allows you to adjust from 0.1 watts to 40 watts. If you are using a temperature controlled attachment, you have a range from around 180°F – 600°F. As far as atomizers go, the SteamCloud is compatible with coils ranging from 1 ohm to 0.1 ohm. This makes it a very versatile mod. You can use your average 510 cartridges, such as the skinny oil cartridges that require only a few watts, to sub-ohm atomizers or RDAs that require 30 to 40 watts.
The 1300mAH, 18350 size battery can be removed in only a few seconds as there are no screws holding it or the magnetic flap in place. This is a huge convenience if you plan on taking the mod on a long trip and want to swap the battery out with an extra instead of waiting for it to recharge. You can even use the SteamCloud while it is plugged in and charging. It took the mod about an hour to charge fully. The included charging cable is on the short side, but the micro USB port is compatible with most cell phone chargers, the same kind used on almost all Android phones or tablets.
Using the SteamCloud Box Mod
The SteamCloud is as easy to use as it is small. If you have ever used a box mod in the past, chances are you will pick up on the SteamCloud’s controls in a matter of mere seconds. There are only three buttons you need to use to get started: the power button and the two adjustment buttons.
Switching it On or Off
You use the largest button to turn the mod on or off. To power the mod up, just click the button in a series of five clicks. The display screen will light up so that you know it is on. If you stop using the mod, it will automatically power off as a safety measure after several minutes. However, if you want to turn it off yourself, all you do is click the large button five times. Once off, the screen will go dark and it will be safe to put it in your pocket or the travel case.
Switching Between Watts and Temperatures
The SteamCloud has two modes: wattage and temperature. The mode you want will depend on whether you are using a standard or temperature controlled attachment. In all, there are four different modes on the SteamCloud: Watts, Ti TC, Ni200 TC, and SS316 TC. Watts are for your standard coils, Ti TC is for titanium coils, Ni200 TC is for nickel coils, and SS316 TC is for stainless steal coils.
I found the SteamCloud performed well with all types of attachments. However, the main mode you will likely be using will probably be just watts. When you first turn on your SteamCloud, it will be in wattage mode.
Changing Modes: Changing modes is simple, just hold down the two smaller buttons together. After a few seconds, the screen will display the current mode. You can then use either of the buttons to scroll to the mode you want to use. The mod will then switch to that mode.
Changing the Watts/Temperature:
To begin, you want to start with the lowest temperature or wattage so that you don’t risk shorting out your coil. To change the watts or temp, use the two small buttons to scroll through your options.
Vaping with the SteamCloud
Once you attach your tank and set the wattage, you are ready to start vaping with the SteamCloud. This works just like any other mod. Simply hold in the large power button while you take a hit. You can hold the button in for as long as you like. However, the SteamCloud will stop firing after the button is held in for ten seconds. This protects you from shorting your coils in the event you hold the button in for too long.
Finding the Best Attachments
The SteamCloud is compatible with just about every 510-threaded tank, cartridge, or wax atomizer on the market. From the very small to the very large. I tested the mod with a number of devices, including a a pre-filled cannabis oil cartridge and the Yocan Cerum Wax Atomizer. This allowed me to get a well-rounded opinion of how well the box mod performed.
Yocan Cerum Wax Atomizer
The Yocan Cerum atomizer is sleek, functional, and fits comfortably atop the SteamCloud box mod. It comes with a dual quartz coil that excels at turning wax into a tasty vapor. One cool aspect of the Yocan Cerum is that it is made entirely out of ceramic.
To test the Yocan and SteamCloud together, I put an average amount of wax onto the quartz coils. Then I set the mod to 25 watts, which the Yocan pamphlet suggested. However, a good range for start out would be between 15 and 25 watts. The hit I got from the duo impressed me. I was able to vaporize all the wax in one, long hit. The vapor was smooth and full of flavor. All-in-all, I was pleased with this combo.
Pre-Filled Cartridges
Pre-filled cartridges have been around on the market for a while now. They are relatively small and disposable clearomizers that retailers fill with a mixture of cannabis oil, terpenes and sometimes CBD. These cartridges have relatively weak coils that can only sustain a few watts. Any more and you run the risk of shorting them out.
I attached my cartridge to the SteamCloud, then set the mod to just 4 watts. The resulting hit was bigger than I expected, and tasted as fresh as the oil smelled. I then bumped it up to 6.5 watts and took another hit. The draw was as smooth and flavorful as the first, albeit a bit larger. The two together made for a very stealthy combination. It was a setup I could see taking on the go quite often.
I really enjoyed using the SteamCloud box mod. It is small, discreet, and the combination of features and long battery life made it a powerful little device. I have since been using it every day. The case it shipped in was able to fit the mod and a couple cartridges, so I always have it handy for when I leave the house. I would definitely recommend the SteamCloud to anyone looking for a portable yet powerful box mod.

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