Cannabis Infused Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels

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Learn How To Make Cannabis Infused Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels today on Cannabasics #76

Chocoley chocolate:

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These delicious Sea Salted Chocolate Caramels are buttery and gooey with a satisfying amount of THC. The recipe can be made with cannabis flowers or with hash, kief and or either or all. The cannabis is layered into two elements of the dish to create a subtly complex flavor kicked off with the sea salt.

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1 thought on “Cannabis Infused Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels”

  1. Dont use just any caramel… Use what he has or something similar, or make it yourself. I couldn’t find thick caramel like he has so I just got werthers original chewy caramels but they were the worst thing I could’ve possibly picked. No matter how got the caramel got on the double boiler, it would NOT incorporate with the butter oil. I stirred and stirred for over an hour but it wouldn’t incorporate cuz werthers chewy caramels have a weird consistency. If I left it alone and let it settle, it looked creamy and the oil formed on top and around the sides. When I tried stirring it, the caramel clumped up so when I did my chocolate i made sure to load it with cannabutter. Luckily I made a whole cup of activated clarified butter so i can make another recipe or try this one again


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