How To Choose LED Lights To Grow Cannabis: Cannabasics #108

Learn How To Choose The Best LED Lights For Growing Cannabis Today On Cannabasics Episode 108.

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LED, or Light Emitting Diode, grow lights are becoming more popular in cannabis growing because of their strong light intensity, variable color spectrum, lower power consumption and lower operating heat than traditional incandescent lighting. With a myriad of sizes, shapes and brands of LED grow lights available there are a few simple things to consider when choosing the best light to grow your cannabis.

  • Strength/ Intensity
  • Color Spectrum
  • Heat production/ cooling ability
  • Physical Attributes (Weight, Size and shape)
  • Hanging ability
  • Daisy Chain
  • Built-in Timers
  • Remote Controls/ Optional Accessories
  • Warranty/ Customer Service
  • Cost

With just a little research and forethought you can insure that you have the best LED grow lights for your cannabis cultivation.

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