How To Make Better Rosin Press Cannabis Wax

Learn How To Make Better Rosin Press Cannabis Wax today on Cannabasics #88

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Rosin Press is likely the safest and one of the purest ways to extract cannabis concentrates by applying heat and pressure to both melt and squeeze the THC and other cannabinoids, oils and terpenes from the plant material without using chemical solvents. Below we look at some best practices to achieve the best possible quality of rosin pressed wax based on strength, yield, consistency, aroma and flavor.

PHASE 1: Prep Cannabis

4 grams of medical grade Gorilla Glue #4 are ground, mixed and divided into 4 equal 1 gram samples. Each gram is pre-pucked with a pollen press to achieve a compact surface area for maximum pressure.

PHASE 2: Press Cannabis

Each gram is pre-pressed for 15 seconds before applying full pressure. 4 tests are run with the following parameters of times/ temperatures:

  • 170° F/ 4 Minutes
  • 190° F/ 3 Minutes
  • 210° F/ 2 Minutes
  • 230° F/ 1 Minute

PHASE 3: Analyze Results

Each sample is scraped and analyzed for yield, color consistency and aroma. Each sample is also tested for potency and flavor. Results follow with each category ranked on a scale of 1 to 4 with the 1 being the worst and the 4 being the best performing in each category:

170° F/ 4 Minutes: Yield(1),  Color(4), Consistency(3), Aroma(4), Potency(4), Flavor(4) – TOTAL: 20

190° F/ 3 Minutes: Yield(3),  Color(3), Consistency(4), Aroma(3), Potency(3), Flavor(3) – TOTAL: 19

210° F/ 2 Minutes: Yield(2),  Color(1), Consistency(1), Aroma(2), Potency(2), Flavor(1) – TOTAL: 9

230° F/ 1 Minutes: Yield(4),  Color(2), Consistency(2), Aroma(1), Potency(1), Flavor(2) – TOTAL: 12


If you are going for maximum yield, a hot fast press may be your best option whereas if flavor is of the utmost importance to you then a long, low temperature press would probably be to your liking. I found a sweet spot at 190° F for 3 minutes to yield the most, best tasting rosin press wax with our sample of Gorilla Glue #4 but those results could vary depending on your strain and other factors so running your own tests could be the key to unlocking the secrets of Rosin Press Cannabis. Many people use the expression in dabbing but can also apply to rosin press is this, “You gotta waste it to taste it.” However, with rosin press, you can use the remaining rosin chip to make excellent edibles or oils, so it’s not really a waste at all.

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