How To Roll 5 Types of Joints (Basic, Tipped, Cone, Backrolled & Oversized): Cannabasics #49

Today on Cannabasics we learn how to roll 5 different types of of marijuana joints

Here is a basic overview of the types of joints we are rolling today all using standard length (79mm) 1 ¼ width rolling papers.
We roll a Basic Doobie, a Tipped joint, a Cone joint, a Back-rolled joint & an over-sized joint.

  • Basic Joint (Doobie): Flat fold, canoed fold, edge fold, cut edge
  • Tipped Joint: Joint with tip, crutch or roach
  • Cone Joint: Tipped joint with cone shape
  • Backrolled Joint: A Back-rolled joint is one that is rolled backwards so the excess paper can be removed rather than rolled and smoked
  • Oversized Joint: 2 easy methods to roll a larger than usual joint are to combine 2 papers lengthwise for a fat joint or end to end for a long joint

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