How To Roll A Dutch Tulip Joint: Cannabasics #21

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Learn how to roll a Dutch Tulip Style Joint on Cannabasics #21

You need:
2 grams cannabis
4 gummed edge rolling papers
1 filter tip
Rolling Machine (Optional)

The first step is to grind about 2 grams of Cannabis
Next carefully cut or tear the Gummed Edge from 1 Paper. Keep the gum, discard the paper.
Now, prepare the tulip flower pouch by joining 2 papers into a square and folding over into a pouch.
While the tulip pouch dries we can prepare the filter tip for our joint for the tulip stem section.
Now we can roll a regular joint with rolling machine and filter tip. I like to use a rolling machine for a nice sturdy and uniform stem but you can certainly just hand-roll your joint. Just make sure it is nice and sturdy, tight enough to stay rigid but not too tight to get a nice air flow through it.
Now with our joint stem and gum strip ready we can now fill the dry tulip pouch with the remaining gram and a half or so cannabis
Press joint stem into tulip pouch, twist and squeeze to lightly tighten
Seal the 2 sections completely with the gummed paper strip.
Let it dry, light and smoke.

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