How to Test & Adjust Soil PH for Cannabis (Seeds, Soil & Sun: Season 2 Ep 2)

Learn how to test and adjust soil PH for growing cannabis plants today on Seeds, Soil & Sun: Season 2: Episode 2.

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What is soil PH and why does it matter?

Part of having a healthy growing environment for your cannabis crop is making sure your soil PH levels are optimum. PH, or Potential Hydrogen, refers to the relative acidity or alkalinity of your soil. It is measured on a scale of 1 to 14 with lower numbers starting at full acidity and moving to alkaline as the numbers grow.

The soil PH being too far one way or the other will disrupt the plants ability to intake the vital nutrients it needs to grow, flower and harvest a fully robust crop. For the cannabis plant, the ideal PH is just slightly acidic, in the range between 6 and 7 on the PH scale.

How do I test my soil PH?

In order to test the PH of your soil you do have some options. You can take, or send, your soil to a testing facility. There are hand held electronic meters with probes that are inserted into the soil to give you a reading on the PH. And you can also also purchase kits that allow you to test the PH by adding water and a testing solution to the soil and then comparing the color on a chart to determine the PH.

How do I adjust my soil PH?

Once you have determined the current PH of your soil you can decide whether or not you should adjust it. Because the ideal range is somewhere between 6 and 7 on the scale it is very like that you already fall into that range. But if your soil is 5 (acidic) or below, or 7 (alkaline) or above you would want to fix it for optimal plant productivity and health.

In order to lower the PH (Or raise the acidity) you can add a soil acidifier which increases the sulfur in the soil, which will lower the PH. The amount needed depends on the strength of the acidifier, the amount of your soil and the degree to which it needs corrected. Similarly, to raise the PH, or to make the soil more alkaline, you can add lime into the soil. You can buy special pelleted lime or use powdered lime and again the amount needed depends on the soils amount and needs and you should follow the direction of the product you choose.

Another way to adjust your PH is to change the amount of acidic elements in your soil mix. Peat moss is usually acidic and you can adjust the proportion of it to change the acidity by adding more for more acidity and less for more alkalinity in the soil.

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