Rosin Press Experiment (Comparing Yields From Cannabis Flowers, Bubble Hash and Kief)

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Ttoday we are conducting an experiment with Rosin Press Comparing the Yield and Quality From pressing Cannabis Flowers, Bubble Hash and Kief on Marijuana TIps and Tricks. 10% Off in the Wizard Puff head shop with code: “CANNABASICS”:

I would like to thank Club 5252 Medical Marijuana Dispensary in East Los Angeles for allowing us to use their facilities and Sasquash Rosin Press machine to perform this experiment. Please look up Club 5252 on WeedMaps for some of the best quality and deals on medical cannabis in Los Angeles.

Now let’s get started with a quick breakdown of today’s experiment. The goal of this experiment is simply to learn about Rosin Press techniques to determine how to achieve the best yields and quality when pressing Rosin. For those who do not know what Rosin is, it is a concentrated form of marijuana, very similar in appearance to BHO wax and shatters. However rather than using some chemical solutions or or solvent to extract the THC oils and terpenes, heat and pressure is used instead. This is done by pressing the cannabis with immense pressure between two heated plates. This melts and squeezes the cannabis oils, separating it from the plant material for a solvent free concentrated cannabis that can be used to dab or vape in wax pens.

The specific question we are trying to answer is which is the most effective form of cannabis to squash in a Rosin Press machine, dried flowers, bubble hash or kief? In order to understand this process we will take 6 ounces of outdoor grown, decent quality cannabis and divide it into 3 equal portions. Then 1 portion will be processed into Bubble Hash and a second portion will be processed into kief using a method involving dry ice. The 1 remaining portion will be left as dried flowers or buds. Then we will press each type of cannabis with the Rosin Press at the same heat and time in order to compare the yields and quality of each material. So sit back, smoke a fat one and join us as we share our success and our failures and then sample our Rosin Pressed wax.

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