Cannabis Up Close #6: Famous OG (Indica) – Strain Review

Cannabis Up Close #6: Famous OG (Indica) – Strain Review

Welcome to Up Close with Cannabis Strains, today we are taking an up close look at Famous OG from Club 30 LA in East Los Angeles, CA.

Here are our first impressions of Famous OG:
– First the Aroma – This Famous OG had a strong citrus and an unusually nice melon profile.
– The Look of Famous OG is an Olive green, with rust colored hairs and generous coating of trichomes that are small but abundant.
– The Consistency is loose with some of the stickiest sticky nugs that pull apart in long stringy pieces.

Here is the testing Data of the Famous OG as provided by SC Labs in San Diego from February 2016:
– With .38% ∆9THC and 25.49% THCa, Famous OG tested at a strong 25.87% total THC
– CBD count is o% active in .05% CBD acid for a total of .05% CBD.
– This is a strong recreational cannabis strong with nominal medicinal properties.

And now for the smoking and effects results for the Famous OG:
– The flavor is of a very pronounced earthy pine hue in the smoking aroma.
– The Burn Profile is a very slow due to the sticky texture.
– The High we experienced was that of a quick and strong dazed sensation with surges of euphoria.
– Side Effects – Nothing serious just standard munchies

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