Hopped Up Hot Wings Cooking with Marijuana #110 Cannabis Hot Sauce Chicken

Hopped Up Hot Wings perfect for the Superbowl Sunday party. Marijuana butter is used in the hot sauce for these perfectly fried chicken wings with a alternate reversed wing recipe!

Hopped Up Hot Wings
2 -3 lbs fresh large chicken wings
1/2 cup hot sauce
1/2 cup marijuana butter
vegetable oil for frying (or other oil)
deep fryer with thermometer
* Dry Ranch dressing mix (alternate reverse wings)

Prep wings by removing wing tips and seperating flaps from the drums.
Heat oil to 375 F
Fry wings for 12 mins keeping oil at 375 and seperating wings with metal utensil.
To make sauce, combine 1 part melted cannabutter with 1 part hot sauce and mix well.
Toss wings in hot sauce as needed to coat, scrape remaining sauce from pan over wings and serve hot.

(*For reverse wings, toss wings in dry ranch instead of hot sauce and use the hot sauce for dipping instead.)

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