What Are Cannabis Rosin Chips? And 3 Ways to Use Them

Today we learn what Cannabis Rosin Chips are and look at 3 ways to use them on Cannabasics Episode 98

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Often when I make a video using cannabis rosin chips in a recipe for instance I am confronted with questions such as, “What are rosin pucks?”, or, “Where do I buy rosin chips?” This leads me to believe that explaining to  those who don’t know what rosin chips are would be a good idea.

Rosin chips, or rosin pucks, are the byproduct of making rosin press cannabis wax. In this process, dried cannabis flowers are squeezed into a disk or thin block and sandwiched between parchment paper. This is then put into a rosin press which incorporates two heated plates that come together and squeeze, often with tons of pressure and with a temperature somewhere around 200°F for a couple of minutes. The rosin or concentrated solvent-less wax, is subsequently made molten and squeezed outward away from the plant material. This leaves a ring of the rosin wax surrounded the flattened paper thin rosin chip.

Pressing cannabis into rosin is usually done more for the actual rosin that is pressed out but even the best rosin press devices do not get all of the THC and oils out of flower. So these chips that are left over actually have several good used other than to level your table leg.

  1. Make Edibles: It is really easy to make edibles with rosin chips. Essentially you do it exactly as you would when making edibles with cannabis flower. Crumble it into an oven safe dish, cover and decarboxylate to insure you’ve activate the THC. About 25 minutes at 250°F should do it. Then infuse into your favorite clarified butter, coconut oil or cooking oil of your choice. Strain out the oil from the rosin chips and store the oil and now you can discard the chips.
  2. Make e juice/ gel caps: Another method of extracting the THC and other cannabinoids and oils is to use ethyl alcohol. Simply cover the crumbled chips in a heat safe dish with 190 proof Golden Grain or Everclear from the liquor store. Place it in a hot water bath to heat lightly. Stir and replace with fresh hot water every few minutes for 15 to 20 minutes. Then strain out the tincture from the rosin chips and discard the chips. Continue reducing the mixture in hot water baths until thickened. Finish the purge in an oven at 250° for a few minutes until thickened and fully purged. Now you can mix with Wax Liquidizer for e juice or coconut oil to fill gel caps.
  3. Press them again: Another thing you can do with the rosin chips if you want even more wax is to press them again. For this I stack 3 chips on top of one another and place into 2 layers of parchment as the rigid edge of the pucks may rip the inner parchment. I raise the temperature of my press 15 – 20 degrees higher than the original press and press them again for 2 – 3 minutes at full pressure. My yield is much less of course and the flavor may be less pleasing due to burning off terpenes but it’s better than throwing it away as waste and much better than going without cannabis!

So the next time you press rosin be sure to collect those pucks and make yourself up a big ole’ batch of weed brownies or gel tabs for your next long trip and save yourself some money! If you need a good rosin press I definitely recommend the portable personal MyPress Rosin Press. You can save money with the code RUFFHOUSE at https://www.myrosinpress.com/

Instruction videos for ways to use cannabis rosin chips:

Rosin Chip Cannabis e Juice: https://ruffhousestudios.com/how-to-make-cannabis-e-juice-with-rosin-chips/

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How To Make Cannabis e Juice with Rosin Chips

Learn how to make Cannabis e Juice with Rosin Chips using ethyl alcohol & wax liquidizer on Cannabasics episode  #97

Rosin chips are the byproduct of pressing cannabis in a rosin press. You can use the chips for edibles, THC caps and even for making e juice for vaping. You’ll need some ethyl alcohol and Wax Liquidizer for this method but it’s worth the effort.

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What you need:

  • 20 grams Rosin chips
  • Heat safe dish that fits inside another
  • 40-50 ml Ethyl alcohol 99% (Everclear, Golden Grain, NOT denatured)
  • Fine mesh filter
  • 3 ml Wax Liquidizer (or food grade propylene glycol)
  • Wide tip syringe

Glass Beaker Set for $6.50: https://amzn.to/2wWMPX9


  1. Crumble rosin chips into heat safe dish. Pour ethyl alcohol over to cover.
  2. Place boiling water in larger dish, carefully set the smaller dish with alcohol into water bath. Make sure it will not tip over. Let sit for 5 – 10 minutes, stir gently.
  3. Remove from water and strain out the cannabis through a fine mesh filter. Return the liquid to clean heat safe dish. Refresh hot water and return to water bath.
  4. Continue reducing in water bath until alcohol is about 75% reduced. Remove from water bath, add in a few drops of liquidizer.
  5. Place mixture in oven set to 325°F with water bath. Reduce until alcohol bubbles stop.
  6. Remove from water bath, add a few more drops of liquidizer to your preferred consistency. Return to oven for 30 minutes to remove any water that may remain.
  7. Remove from oven and let cool. Use syringe to draw up e juice and put in storage container or fill your tanks and vape your cannabis e juice immediately.


  • If cannabis e juice is too thick to wick into your tank you can thin it with more of the wax liquidizer.
  • The longer you soak the cannabis in initial extraction, the darker and more bitter your e juice might be. You can use a quick wash of the alcohol for a cleaner e juice but you will sacrifice some potency.

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How To Make Cannabis Oil Capsules (THC Gel caps)

Learn How To Make Cannabis Oil Capsules or THC Caps today on Cannabasics episode 85

THC Caps can be made from strong cannabis infused coconut or olive oil using cannabis flowers or rosin chips, or both. They can be taken orally to give you all the effects of marijuana edibles without the added calories. Now here’s what you need to make Cannabis Oil Capsules.


Special tools:

Small oven safe containers with measurements ( https://amzn.to/2J4OAHd )

Syringes for filling caps: https://amzn.to/2uDyilt


  1. DECARB: Decarboxylate Cannabis Flowers in oven preheated to 250° F for 25 minutes. This will convert the THCa (acid) in the cannabis into the more psychoactive THC. You do not need to decarboxylate the rosin chips. If using only Rosin Chips the heat from pressing the cannabis has done this already and you can proceed directly to step 2.
  2. INFUSE: Crumble Rosin Chips and combine with lecithin and oil in a small, narrow, oven-safe dish.Cover, place the container in a shallow pan of water and place the entire water bath in the oven still preheated to 250° F. Let it Infuse for 2 hours. You can stir it half way through.
  3. FILTER: After a full 2 hours, remove from oven, let cool and strain through a fine mesh filter. Squeeze out thoroughly to recover as much cannabis oil as you can.
  4. FILL: Use a syringe to fill each capsule, close the cap and store until use. (You can freeze for long term storage.)  

How to Make Cannabutter with Rosin Chips

Learn How to Make Cannabutter, or cannabis infused coconut/ olive oil with Rosin Chips today on Cannabasics.

You can easily make great tasting and powerful cannabuter, cannabis infused coconut oil or olive oil using rosin chips left from pressing rosin from cannabis flowers in a Rosin Press Machine.

Below are links to the items I used in the video and the corresponding deals available.

Here is how I make cannabutter with rosin chips

Step 1: Collect rosin chips when you press rosin

Step 2: Combine oil and cannabis chips, add water if desired to meet minimum fill line and also to purify the taste.

Step 3: Infuse oil and chip with heat (around 190°F for 1 – 2 hours.

Step 4: Strain oil or butter from cannabis with fine mesh or cheesecloth.

Ste 5: Cool oil to harden the butter and allow you to separate out the water

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