How to Roll a Wax Joint (Twax Joint or Blunt)

How to Roll a Wax Joint otherwise known as a “Twax” Joint or Blunt today on Cannabasics #24

A wax joint, sometimes referred to as Twaxing is when you wrap a coil of concentrated wax, usually a shatter consistency, around your joint or blunt for an extremely potent smoke and a fun way to enjoy wax without a dab rig.

You need:
1/2 gram cannabis
1 filter tip
1 gummed edge rolling paper
1/10 gram stable shatter concentrate

The first step is to grind the ½ gram of Cannabis
Next prepare your joint tip.
Roll your joint (or blunt) as you normally do. Tip: Leave some of the tip hanging out so you can push it in after rolled and tighten the connection.)
Make a ball then a snake of wax.
Attach the snake leaving ½ space at top. Coil around joint in a loose coil all the way to ½ of the tip end.
Light and smoke.

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Shameless Weed Porn #8: Twaxed to the Max Extendo Blunt with Wax

Shameless Weed Porn #8: Twaxed to the Max Extendo Blunt with Wax

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