How to Use Oil Cartridges with Vape Pen Batteries

Learn How to Use Oil Cartridges with Vape Pen Batteries Today On Cannabasics #110

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Anatomy of a 510 Thread Cartridge:

  • Mouthpiece (Plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, etc.)
  • Tank (.5 ml, 1 ml, 2.2 graml, etc.)
  • Oil Inlet hole (larger size hole for thicker juice)
  • Airflow (bottom, top, variable airflow)
  • Atomizer (Ceramic over wicked)

Best practices:

  1. Use the correct wattage for your coil. Generally between 3 – 5 volts on variable pens. Or 5 – 10 watts on a box mod.
  2. Make sure your connection to the device works with the type of airflow of your cartridge. You may need a top airflow cartridge to use with some devices.
  3. Don’t burn out coils of the atomizer by hitting it when it’s empty. Refill promptly for best results.
  4. Remove tip when in pocket or not using extended time to keep from damaging the cartridge, the battery or both.
  5. Keep the pen’s battery charged or keep a backup battery to use while charging your favorite device.

Best Vape Pens for 510 Oil Cartridges: Cannabasics #102

Best Vape Pen for 510 Oil Cartridges

Welcome to Cannabasics, today we look at the best vape pens to use for 510 thread THC or CBD Oil Cartridges.

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With the growing popularity of 510 thread cartridges it may be challenging to decide which is the best type of device to use. Let’s look at 5 common types of vaporizer pens to use for 510 thread thc or cbd cannabis oil cartridges.

DEVICE 1: STYLUS (SteamCloud Stylus)

280 mAh battery
Airflow activated

Simplest to operate
Usually Affordable

Limited temperature options
Small battery capacity

DEVICE 2: FLAT STICK (SteamCloud Micro)

360 mAh battery
3 temperature settings

Affordably priced
Micro USB charging
Compact size

Small battery capacity


900 mAh battery
Fully variable voltage

Dial in best voltage for cart
Stronger batteries

Longer size leaves cart vulnerable
Less stealthy

DEVICE 4: COMPACT PEN (SteamCloud Mini 2.0)

650 mAh battery
variable voltage

Very compact and stealthy
Inset connection protects cartridge

Requires magnetic adapter (included)
Best suited for longer cartridges

DEVICE 5: BOX MOD (SteamCloud Box Mod)

1600 mAh battery
Variable voltage
Variable resistance

Compatible with cartridges and larger sub ohm tanks
Most options for power/ resistance
Strongest battery

Bigger, less stealthy
More expensive