How To Make Cannabis Tincture (Quick Vegetable Glycerin Method) Cannabasics #29

Learn How To Make Cannabis Tincture with Vegetable Glycerin in Cannabasics #29.

This quick method uses heat and will produce a very potent water soluble marijuana tincture you can use alone as a sublingual drop under the tongue, dissolve into almost any drink, use to make edibles such as gummy candies and also as an e-cig juice.

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Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin:
Canola Oil/ Vegetable Oil for oil bath
Fine Mesh Strainer:
Cooking Thermometer:
Pyrex Beakers:
Silicon Spatula:


  • Set up oil bath bring to about 220°- 240°F
  • Combine cannabis and enough VG to cover it in beaker. Place in oil bath and adjust oil temperature to bring cannabis mixture to 180°F.
  • Hold at 180°F for 45 minutes stirring often. Remove from bath and strain mixture through fine mesh screen.
  • Replace cannabis into original container. Add fresh VG to cover and repeat 45 heat cycle.
  • Strain second run and repeat step 4 for third run.
  • Strain third run into combined and strained infused tincture. Place tincture container into oil bath and bring to 220°F.
  • Heat at 220°F for about 30 minutes or until carbon bubbles stop or to insure the bubbles do not occur. (Decarboxylation might complete in previous steps.
  • Strain activated tincture through several layers of cheesecloth. Store in airtight container for months.

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