THC E Liquid – Best Systems Cartridges, Pods and Tanks

What’s the best device to vape THC E Liquid? (Pods, Tanks or Cartridges)

Along with the growing popularity of vaping THC E Liquid comes a slew of new vaping devices. But which vape system is best? Let’s explore the pros and cons of Cartridges, Pods and Tanks.

Cartridges are the most commonly available vaping system with an abundance of pre-filled 510 thread cylindrical cartridges on the market. However with pre-filled cartridges a big con is that you may not know what the E Liquid itself might contain as many large companies have failed purity tests on their products.

You can assure you are getting quality E Liquid however by making your own using a product such as Wax Liquidizer. After obtaining your wax, shatter or rosin from a trusted source you can easily mix  your own juice in minutes. Just add a few drops of Wax Liquidizer and heat for a few seconds. It also works well with Rosin Press wax you can make at home, further ensuring the safety and purity of your juice.

Then you can fill the cartridges with your own quality ensured E Liquid and use it on any number of batteries and pens that accommodate the popular 510 thread fittings. You can vape discreetly and get good puffs but some find the airflow of cartridges restrictive. Other cons are the cartridges have a small capacity, the tips can break off in your pocket and the glass can break if dropped.

Pods are making quick gains in popularity due to their stealth nature and usually larger capacity tanks. They are also easy to fill and can be used with your own THC E Liquid as well. The pods have a strong and durable design and resist breaking when dropped or when in the pocket. They provide big puffs and usually an efficient battery with long usage. Perhaps the biggest con is that they usually have a proprietary design compatible with very limited batteries, usually only one choice.

Tanks, unlike pods, have almost limitless options for batteries and various builds of the devices. RDA/RTA/RDTA devices allow various coils, types of cotton, tops, tips and configurations for ultimate customization of the experience. These devices can be costly up front but more efficient over time to operate as the replaceable coils and cotton are inexpensive. They can also be complicated for the novice user. But the giant capacity of the tanks can have you puffing all day. And for cloud chasers, tanks are ideal, providing giant consistent clouds.

At the end of the day each of the systems have their ideal users. Cartridges are easy to use and widely available to obtain and work on the most variety of batteries and pens. But they can break easy, have a small capacity and may not hit as heavy as the others. Pods are durable, with a larger capacity and offer great puffs but may work only with very limited batteries. Tanks give huge hits along with over-sized capacity and batteries. But they can be expensive and difficult to set up. So choosing the proper device for you depends on the your needs and preferences.

Whichever system you use, it is my recommendation to use Wax Liquidizer to make your own infused E Liquid. This allows you to control the quality, purity, flavor and viscosity of your liquid so your THC E Liquid vaping experience will be the best it can be.

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