VapeCode TN-01 Torch-less Portable E-nail for Dabbing Wax: Blazin’ Gear Review

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VapeCode really nails it with the TN-01 torch-less portable e-nail. The base unit holds 3 – 220 milliamp batteries providing up to 30 uses per charge. The heating element’s steel housing wraps around the ceramic base with 10, 14 and 18 millimeter male connectors on the universal connector base. The removable and replaceable heating element itself is titanium film that heats to over 900° F ( 500° C ) in less than 2 seconds.

This baby had no problems handling any size dab we through at it. Because of the concave shape of the heating element we found that you can either use a blunt dab tool to gently dab the element or simply drop the wax on the bowl then depress the button. Either way we used it and with very large dabs the TN-01 provided huge clouds and flawless tasting dabs every time.

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