Weed Hacks #9: Apple Pipe Banger/ Drop-Down Arm Reclaim Wax/ Dab Tool Hacks

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Welcome to Weed Hacks #9, today we are looking at some alternate dab tools, reclaiming wax from a drop-down arm and also making a pipe for our banger with an apple.

Today we do the following:

– Make a replacement pipe from an Apple to use with a banger to hit wax.
– Reclaim Wax: Use torch to melt reclaim wax into a suitable container. Make a wax-blunt with the reclaim wax.
– Dab Tool Hacks: Use some common household items instead of a dab tools

Shout out to Rudy for the apple banger idea, if you have a suggestion for a weed hack please leave it in the comments section below, please subscribe to RuffHouse Studios for more Cannabis Culture videos made just for you, thank you for watching.

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